I’m still – still alive!



2022 was a weird year for us. By US, I mean myself, my 19 year old middle child, my 25 year old oldest child, and my boyfriend of 2 years. In April of 2021, my boyfriend moved in with me, my 2 full time kids, 1 part time kid, and eventually, my oldest’s girlfriend as well.  It was a full house. In addition to everyone else I’ve mentioned, my BF has a (now) 5 year old, who is non-verbal and autistic (and also in diapers). He comes to us every weekend. It was a very – full house. It mostly worked, though. But by 2022, it was a little too full after the addition of some rescue kitties, and all of our STUFF.  We’ve accumulated a lot of STUFF.

In March, my BF’s mother & step-dad offered to help him get a house. This eventually turned into a business arrangement,asnd in May, after looking at a number of locations, we found one we liked! His mom/stepdad made an offer, and after only one visit, the offer was accepted. However, it would take another 4 months before the closing would finally happen. In October of 2022, we (BF, 19yo and myself, plus 4 kitties) moved out of the house we’d shared with my oldest and his gf. 


The house, though, had a great deal more work necessary than we originally realized, so it has taken quite a while to get it livable, but we are doing it, mostly all on our own. This includes all the painting, replacing all the flooring, and renovating/repairing things that were desperately needed. There is still a TON of things that need to be done, but we are doing them thanks to his mom/stepdad’s credit card and so there’s that.

I feel like this blog will continue to be a place where I can write safely, and not concern myself with views. I need this as an outlet. 

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