Winner of this week’s WTF moment

This is his profile.

.I’m 37 From Southeastern KY …I been in this lifestyle for a while now. Anyone who likes my pics and would like to chat please message me , I’m looking for anything from a play date , hook up , to being a live in slave , please message me ….Looking for someone to Help me learn how to serve Satan ….

This is the message he sent me:

please talk to me please !!!!! I am 36. I am from Southeastern KY. I am Looking to be a live in slave. I have been looking for this for a long time. I know I have a odd case but I wish you would think about this. Yes I am Married , I got married when I was 18 and I hate my wife and life . I have kids …16 and 15 my wife is a RN and she will take great care of them . I AM LOOKING TO DROP OFF THE EARTH …BECOME A FULL TIME LIVE IN SLAVE AND NO ONE I KNOW EVER FIND ME AGAIN …I have to have it this way ..I would give you my mind heart body and soul and make the best slave you ever had ..little to know limits ..please please think about it …Thank You with much Respect …Slave Bailey


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