9, May 2016


Rick & I went out for Chinese one of the days I was in Seattle.  Our fortunes read as follows: Me:  You are given the chance to take part in an exciting adventure. Him:  Your life becomes more and more of an adventure!     We thought it was so prophetic!

4, May 2015


I wrote before about time flying by.  I remember when this tiny bundle was finally brought to me, after what felt like FOREVER.  He was perfect. He was healthy, despite the fears to the contrary that sent us into the o.r.  Now, technically he’s a man. He’s old enough to go fight for our country,Read More …

5, January 2015


I‘ve often heard of people describing how they can feel lonely in a crowd of people, and I feel the same way. Only I’m not in a crowd, just a few others in my house.  My daughter knows I’m here, but I don’t think anyone else does.

4, August 2014


anger eats at life. it destroys memories, plans. it eats at your heart, and brain. anger eats at life.