moving on

20, April 2016

I’m leaaaaving on a jet plane….

I don’t know when I’ll be back again…. Actually, I’ll be back on Monday.  but yeah… I’m leaving! A friend from Runescape has invited me out to consult on his new business that he’s looking to buy in Seattle.  He’s paid for my ticket, sent me travel money, and has the hotel booked. Everything isRead More …

3, April 2016

What rhymes with hickdead?

teasing me only to push me away… testing the waters to see if you still hold sway… tempting me with your appeal… In another attempt to make me feel… like someone who would be happy, proud… but being with the likes of you, disallowed… fuck your games, your precious self… I’ll put you back upRead More …

12, March 2016

Winner of this week’s WTF moment

This is his profile. .I’m 37 From Southeastern KY …I been in this lifestyle for a while now. Anyone who likes my pics and would like to chat please message me , I’m looking for anything from a play date , hook up , to being a live in slave , please message me ….LookingRead More …

22, December 2015

1 month later………..

Wow, what a difference a month makes. Perhaps it’s a combination of the medications finally working properly, and time, but I feel better. I have even started dating! It sounds ridiculous even to me, but hey – as I said before, I don’t do alone. It’s been an interesting experience, and one I’ll probably goRead More …